Indivin | ABOUT
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About Indivin: Zsofia founded Indivin in 2010 in Budapest. All Indivin garments and accessories are designed and made for dynamic, open-minded women with a creative thinking attitude therefore richly used colors are prominent throughout the collections. The brand aims to create a classic but also sensous cuts with playful details. Using high quality natural Italian materials and an Eastern European sophisticated, clean but also playful style is the signatures of the Indivin brand.


About Zsófia: The designer is inspired by the colorful and artistic milieu she has grown up in. She established her own womenswear brand after graduating fromthe French Modart International Art and Fashion Academy in 2010. She likes to combine the classical details of New Look era and symbolism with using textured textiles and new laid colors.The vivid ideas and a positive, intuitive attitude are prominent throughout the line. She belives that as considered a “mirror of our times”, fashion reflects not only on a general image of society and the actual visual preferencies but we also make revealing statements through about our personality and self-image every day. The Indivin brand personality is energetic, lively and self-conscious.